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Transfering Photos\Slides to DVD

As well as transfering your videos to DVD we can also create a DVD slide show with your photographs, negatives and slides.

If you prefer, we can create a digital slide show or files on a USB stick that you can provide or we can supply for you at a small cost.

It is also possible to combine both video and photos onto one DVD. For instance, you may have photos and video of a particular family holiday.

As with videos we can then create chapters and menu links for you photos. We can also add eye catching transitions between photos, titles and include music. 

You can have up to 200 photos on a DVD or a larger amount of images on a USB stick if you prefer and you are only limit by the capacity of the device.

We can also chapterise photos and you can chose which image is shown on each chapter link. Make a note of any photo that you would like to have on your cover.

It is preferrable for us us to recieve your photos on a CD in digital format. This enables a faster service and gives the best quality. It is advisable to scan your prints onto PC and then save them on a CD which you can send us.

If you do this we recommend that you use a setting of at least 300dpi on your scanner and save the images as jpeg, tiff or bmp. However, if this is not possible we can scan the images for you. Please bear in mind that this will incure a small extra charge as it is a more time consuming process.

We can remove certian inperfections on photos and correct things like "red eye" but if a photo is damaged or greatly deteriorated it is advisable to use a proffessional photo restorer prior to using our service.

Please call or email for more more information.

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